Setting up your tree


1. Open the box and remove contents

Please read the instructions carefully before setting up your tree. Your tree's packaging is made of sturdy material so that you can re-use it to store the tree.

 2. Standard set up

Fold the standard open and secure the screws included.

 3. Setting up the tree

Secure the lower part of the tree in the standard and place the other two pieces on top this. The branches will fall into place during the set up.
If you have purchased a tree on which the branches need to be attached to the trunk then you should begin with setting up the trunk. Next, hook the branches on to the trunk. This can be done according to the colour scheme found in the packaging.

 4. Spreading out the branches

You can bend the branches into shape to give your tree a nice form, as is indicated on your packaging.
Up swept; fold the ends of the branches up
Horizontal; fold the ends of the branches straight out
Down swept; fold the ends of the branches downwards

Tip: Begin with the branches that are closest to the trunk.

5. Final shaping

Make sure that all the branches have been folded out and that there are no holes to be seen. Your tree is now ready to be decorated. We have included a few fun tips and the latest trends for you. For even more inspiration go to Tips & Tricks. 


Video setting up your tree